The history of our company

Learn more about Kavosh Ferasat Rayan history

Kavosh Ferasat Rayan was founded in 2008 with collective participation of professional youths in informatics industry to improve scientific, technical, administrative abilities and strategic capabilities of companies and industries. It also tries to provide special strategies for everyone with ‘digital strategies’ slogan.

At first, Kavosh Ferasat Rayan started its work as a provider of professional IT services under the name of Iran Computer Technical Assistance. Doing deep researches and making updated knowledge in related fields are some dominant features of Kavosh Ferasat Rayan. We believe that everyone deserves using information technology and ease of works. Creativity and innovation are our aims and with researching and running scientific strategies in different works, we’re trying to provide best quality for our customers. Initially this company achieved representation of Shatel in Tehran from the biggest high speed internet company in Iran, Shatel Brand, because its managers knew our functional capacity. Kavosh Ferasat Rayan with professional and committed staff and reliable infrastructures has experienced in providing suitable strategies, services like; consulting, sale and running IT services almost for 15 years. Kavosh Ferasat Rayan also is active in another services for instance wired and wireless networks, server room, uninterruptible power supply, CCTV and telecommunication of network.

Kavosh Ferasat Rayan is trying to be a good responsive for the most important demands of its customers. Support is one of the active and significant parts of our company to make customers satisfied and guarantee continuous services. In order to provide services to all government departments, hospitals and hotels, the heads of company submitted its name as Kavosh Ferasat Rayan in 2008. After that it designed and ran various projects with reliable and different strategies successfully. The evidence of this experience is valid consents of our previous projects. Kavosh Ferasat Rayan Company has the rankings of the Supreme informatics council and is a member of national computer trade organization and also union of electronic production and security networks, technical and engineering companies.