Voice over internet Protocol (VOIP) strategy

Implementing an updated and stable phone system, transferring audio and video calls, video conferencing and calls between centers, branches and offices with high quality sound are some of Kavodh Ferasat Rayan services.

Have you ever thought that why telephone calls between far countries are more expensive that inside a country and have a better quality? This is because using VIP technology. Today VoIP or voice over IP technology, challenges traditional phone systems.

VoIP is cheaper and more stable and it has some other facilities with computer or internet services. We can design such services that with traditional phone centers are not possible or they’re so hard. Phone consulting system or survey system are just a few examples.

Comparison of VIP and traditional phone

VoIP in comparison with traditional systems like analog and digital phones has many more advantages. But it doesn’t mean that VoIP is better than traditional phone in all aspects. To make comparison consider the below cases:

  1. In VoIP one network is used for transferring data as well as transferring conversations. So these services are cheaper.
  2. In VIP phones directly connect to network. So these phones are more expensive than analogs.
  3. Phone server in VoIP is simpler and cheaper than central phone analogs
  4. Implementing data networks (includes routers and switches) for VIP service is easier than telecommunication networks.
  5. Stability of data networks is more than telecommunication networks and their possible problems are less
  6. VIP technology is more compatible with computer systems.

How does VoIP work?

In VoIP the dialogs are transferred through data network. In this regard at first in VoIP system, sound changes in to digital form, then compresses and finally makes data boxes. These boxes should receive the receiver without delay. In receiver these dialogs boxes reform to analog and play.

A VIP system includes:

VoIP phone that normally connect to computer network with network port. These phones code the conversations and send and receive data boxes.

Phone server VoIP makes and controls dialogs. VIP phones are registered on server with username and password to receive the calls.

Usually a phone gateway is used for connecting to civil phone network (analog or digital phone). This gateway from one side connects to phone lines and from the other side connects to network through network port (Ethernet).

When connecting normal analog phone to VoIP network is needed, an analog telephone adaptor (ATA) can be used.

In addition to these components, sometimes it is necessary to use computing software, monitoring software, firewall and VPN.

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