Implementing monitoring and security systems strategy

Managing and knowing about inside conditions of factory, organization, office, department and home can be done with implementing monitoring and security systems through internal networks and internet without physical presence of managers just on their own mobile or tablet.

Learn more about networked cameras

Networked cameras are a kind of Turbo- HD CCTVs that transfers information with coaxial cable. The information is transferred through network protocol. Networked CCTV is like a small computer that can process the pictures in its camera.

Traditionally just analog CCTVs were used for security systems but today networked CCTVs because of coding, high quality videos and some other features replace them in market. Now commercial networked CCTVs are from 0.3 to 29 megapixels.

In 1996 AXIS Company for the first time produced these cameras. Each producer has a special protocol. Therefore if ONVIF technology is provided for these cameras, we can use them simultaneously.

These cameras can be divided in to two groups based on saving pictures. The first group are the cameras which they need a Network Video Recorder (NVR) but in other group the cameras have memory and can save pictures without NVR.

In the past since world internet bandwidth was low, there was a long time delay for watching pictures but improving internet speed solved this problem.

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The advantages of networked camera

Unlike analog cameras, networked cameras need cable to transfer pictures. This information carries in internet.

Networked camera can move duplex sound through network. It works like a phone. (For example a manager can connect to his/ her staff by using IP cameras).

Using internet networks such as Wi-Fi and mobile networks is another feature of networked CCTVs.

Artificial intelligence is one of the important features of networked cameras. This feature helps user to do some identification processes.

Data in networked camera transfers through WPA or TKIP, WPA2 or AES protocols, so the cameras can provide a good security for their users

These cameras transfer power and picture just with a cable that uses Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology.

In addition to transferring pictures through IP, these cameras (networked CCTVs) can show the pictures through their specific servers with P2P ability.

At the end it’s just enough to call our experts in Kavosh Ferasat Rayan Company to visit your project, note the details of your needs and with experience and updated information analyze your project and present your special strategy of implementing monitoring and security system.