Our Services

Learn more about the services of Kavosh Ferasat Rayan

Kovosh Ferasat Rayan leaders believe that providing strategies, consulting and lunching and running services base on copper or optic fiber networks or wireless networks are fundamental priorities of every collection. So a group of specialists make such a platform in this company and by using their experience and proficiency we can design and run updated services for respectful employers.

Some of our services are explained as follows:

1- The strategy of running monitoring and security systems

All the administrative works and informing from inside conditions in factory, office, department and home would be done with running monitoring and security systems or controlling by an internal and internet networks. There’s no need for physical presence of managers and just by using cellphone or laptop.

2- The strategy of uninterruptible power supply systems and Earth systems

Setting the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in organization increases electronic and computer devices lifespan and prevents fluctuations and power outages. In addition having an earthing system in a whole will help all these works.

3- The strategy of lunching computer and telecommunication networks

This company is very experienced in lunching computer and telecommunication networks (passive networks) with copper cables, optic fiber and wireless for sharing data on inside networks, intranet and internet with different speeds. These networks set up inside and outside of building so they need suitable foundations to transfer cables.

4- Designing and performing server room strategy

This strategy is presented in the form of integrated performing server room facilities that include false ceiling and roof, air conditioner, fire alarm, security systems, racks and cablings. Our company integrates all functional teams and at the end present an integrated system in server room.

5- Voice over internet protocol (VOIP)

Lunching a stable and updated telephone base system, transferring audio and video calls, video conference and calls between centers, branches and offices with high quality voice are other services.

At the end we are trying to provide the best quality services to employers by presenting digital strategies.